“Whilst spending time at the artist residence Cité des Arts in Paris, the idea of “Free piano” was born, or “Be free on the piano!” and during the Summer of 2011 I was able to developed the method and compose the material for a new kind of piano teaching.”

I have since childhood played all kinds of genres on the piano. Classical, jazz, pop, latin and so on, but I have during my education been taught to label music and put them in their right boxes. Now I try to break my boundaries with for instance a classical composition with improvisational parts in them.

Free piano is workshop based teaching where students of all ages and all levels can attend. The only requirement is basic knowledge of chords and reading music. The material is adapted to the students present, even Academy level students can attend since the purpose of the courses are to develop the piano players from their level onwards.

The teaching material is based upon the idea that any genre you play, three actions are working at the same time: you play melody, harmony and rhythms. Based upon some of my compositions for solo piano small themes are given to the students that can be played in different genres where the students are free to experiment with different chords and different given accompaniments.

The students are gathered together in a group when instructions are given and then venture out alone or in pairs to try out their ideas in separate rooms and gathered together again to inspire each other with their ideas. The main purpose is to give way to the idea of not achieving music but enjoying music and give the courage to venture out to be totally free on the piano!

Hope to see you soon!