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En konsertföreställning under utveckling. Här finns en notexempel på första kompositionen och dikten som inspirerade allt.

Noter “Another day”:

Another day_2019_score

Another day in paradise,
another day with all the lies.

I was the guardian,
you were my King,
the guardian of Zeus
with his wretched fire within.

The mental prison,
the beloved cage,
was held together
by Your divine rage.

Another border blurred,
ruled by fear and shame.
In the Universe you created,
I was the one to blame.

Broken, shattered,
imprisoned by your ways.
Unthinkable circumstances
was just another, normal, day.

But I will not fear again,
I will not be scared again,
I will not be harmed again
I will not be scarred again.

Broken pieces now
filled with gold.
Wrecked sails somehow
mended whole.

Another day in paradise.
Other ways, without the lies.

I will be ok.

/Camilla Heidenberg


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